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The Cellar by Richard Laymon, Yes and No

The Cellar - Richard Laymon

There is no filler in Laymon's writing. The sentences are short and very seldom is there any semblance of craft in the them. I don't say this as a bad thing, just a fact. Laymon gets right to the point, and that lends itself to a novel that I read in a blink.


I've read some previous books by Laymon that focused in on the sexual aspects of horror. He often describes woman in a way that almost makes me feel slimy for reading the words. Still, I am no PC social justice warrior. Everything has it's place. The issue is really just the one-sidedness of the characters. If a woman only exist on the page as sexual candy or rape fodder, then there isn't much to the character, is there? The Cellar has less chauvinism than some of the others I've read, and because of that, is a more rounded story.


I definitely enjoyed this one the most out of those I've read and am actually pretty excited to read the next in the series. I gather that he actually wrote four more-though I also gather that they aren't as good. Time will tell.